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DTH Hammers

dth hammer


down the hole hammers

DTH (Down the hole) Hammers are a Drilling Tool that works as a pneumatic method and it has many applications in industries such as Mining, Quarrying, Water Well, Clean Energy, Foundation and Earth Containment.



DTH Hammers are one of the fastest ways to drill any rock/soil, this process breaks the rock/soil into small flakes or dust, which are blown off the hole by the exhausted air from the hammer. 


Unlike Top Hammers, DTH Hammers' piston makes direct contact with the Drilling Bit transmitting more energy and efficiency to drilling process. 



Sondadril manufacturers a wide variety of DTH hammers, with different shanks and diameter sizes, offering the best you'll need for your service. Check out below our line of DTH Hammers or our variety of DTH Bits here.

dth hammer


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